I grew up in Long Beach, and went to school at CSU Long Beach where I received my BA in English Education and in Literature. 

I chose English because I love it.  In English we get to learn and talk about everything.  We get to talk about betrayal, revenge, friendship and love.  We go on adventures to the far reaches of time when dinosaurs roamed the earth; we can travel to a place where animals can talk, and we can visit the lives of people who endured the unthinkable.  We read about the great adventures and trials of others, and we reflect on these to learn about ourselves.  English class will make you think; you will develop critical thinking skills that will propel you far in life.  English makes you smarter.  English is all about reading, writing, speaking, and listening; in other words, it’s about communication.  Our lives revolve around our communications with others, and in English we get to develop and build our skills. English empowers you to express your ideas, and it allows you to connect with others.  This is why I teach English.

I don’t have a favorite book because how could I choose just one? Here are some I love: Catcher in the Rye, The God of Small Things, Of Mice and Men, East of Eden,  To Kill a Mockingbird, Catch 22  and many others.

Some of my favorite writers are Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf, Johnathan Lethem, Aimee Bender, John Steinbeck, Kurt Vonnegut, Alan Moore, and Haruki Murakami.

I live with my dog, Charley.  He is always there to greet me with his tail wagging, and I love him.  I am working on learning how to train him so he will be well-behaved.

I like to read and write (can you believe it?) and I am also interested in painting and photography.  Finally, I love to travel, and the farthest I’ve gone so far is Dublin where I spent a summer studying James Joyce.

Well, that’s me in a nutshell.