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General Background and History


Monache High School has a tradition of excellence and innovation, introducing new programs and courses, growing a College and Career Culture and has been forward thinking in the transition to Common Core.  Its strong and dedicated staff, administration and community support are at the root of Monache’s accomplishments. 


Located in Porterville, California, Monache first opened in 1967 and has grown to the current enrollment of over 1,800 students, with minimal fluctuation in enrollment and subgroups since 2008. 


The last WASC Accreditation, Monache High School received a six year Accreditation.  Monache High continues to serve the greater Porterville area and surrounding communities including Terra Bella, Springville, Strathmore, Woodville, and Poplar. 


As part of the greater Porterville Unified School District, we are one of five comprehensive high schools in our district and one of six high schools in the area.  Monache receives students from three middle schools within the district, local unified elementary districts, and local private schools that include: Pleasant View Elementary, Woodville Elementary, Rockford Elementary, Sequoia Middle School, Bartlett Middle School, Pioneer Middle School, Burton School District, and Saint Anne’s Catholic School. 


According to the 2021 census, Porterville’s population is 62,742 people (not including East Porterville’s population of 7,331), which continues to climb.  Demographically, Porterville is an ethnically diverse area.  According to the 2021 census, Porterville’s most significant ethnic groups are Hispanic (70%), White (21.5%), Asian (4.7%), African American (0.6%), and Native American (0.2%).  The median household income is $48,955.


On the U.S. cost of living index (average being 100), Porterville had a scale score of 85.8, in part due to the increased demand of agribusiness and low socioeconomic status of migrant populations in the Central Valley.  Monache complies with all Federal and State Mandates per education code and district guidelines.  Monache High School is a Title 1 School.


Monache maintains strong ties to their community, a reciprocal relationship apparent through the efforts of community volunteers (including Monache students) that donate resources and time to Monache High School through School Site Council, English Language Advisory Committee, Athletic Boosters, and Music Boosters.  Other supporters within the greater Porterville area include Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, Elks, Porterville Women’s and Exchange Clubs. 


These organizations assist the school with additional services not covered by allocated state funding (donations) such as awards, job shadowing, and community service opportunities.  Partnerships such as these allow Monache High School to continue a tradition of excellence, while teaching students twenty first century skills necessary to be successful in the world beyond high school.  


Monache High School continues to focus on quality educational programs for all students through a wide range of academic and career technical offerings including:  the Manufacturing, Construction & Technology Academy (MCTA), the Environmental Science Academy (ESA), the Multimedia and Technology Academy (MTA), Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID), a strong agriculture and fine arts program, the certified nursing assistant program (CAN) and a new culinary arts program. 


In addition to a variety of Honors and AP courses offered, Monache High School also provides students with the opportunity to participate in online classes through the Young Scholar’s Program through California State University Dominguez Hills and concurrent enrollment at Porterville College.  Monache’s programs work to prepare students for secondary opportunities while allowing them real world, hands-on experiences at school. 


With the vast offerings, academic and extracurricular, the mission continues to be “to provide students with a dynamic, engaging, and effective educational experience that prepares them with the skills to be productive citizens in a global society.”  Monache’s ESLRs proclaim “Pride in the Tribe,” to reinforce the belief that each student is part of a larger, global community, and that “Character Counts,” which is exemplified through the ideas of teamwork, responsibility, integrity, balance, and excellence.


  Monache is confronting the educational, cultural and technological challenges that students will face as they move forward, working hard to create an environment that prepares students in these areas, so they successfully master the Common Core, earn their diploma and move onto College and Career.


List of Projects and Awards


Monache High School has a history of high achievement, earning county, state and national recognition.  In the spring of 2013, Monache made Newsweek’s top high schools in America and earned a silver medal from U.S. News and World Report.  The Tulare County Office of Education awarded MHS the “Torch Achievement Award” in 2013 and again in 2014 for attaining academic growth through innovative programs and partnerships.


In 2013, Monache graduated 49 “Golden State Seal Merit Diplomas,” and had 127 seniors complete the UC A-G requirements.  There was an increase of students who participated in the California State University Young Scholars Program, which resulted in 125 online courses passed and over 300 college units earned.  Monache had students take 369 Advanced Placement tests in the spring of 2013.


Monache High School is a leader in athletics as well.  As a member of the East Yosemite Valley League, Monache earned the EYL All Sports Award for the third year in a row as the league’s top athletic program, having earned league championships in several boys’ and girls’ varsity sports.


The Annual Honor Roll Awards are held each spring, during an evening event, where students are recognized for their outstanding academic achievement and character.  Parents are invited to the evening awards program for students of all grade levels, who are awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals recognizing their academic achievement and departmental Character Counts Awards.


Assisting students in the successful transition from middle school to high school is another focus at Monache High School.  Besides participating in the annual district-wide Pathway Showcases in the fall, interfacing with feeder schools is done by the guidance department, the AVID program and Pathway coordinators.  The LINK Crew Program utilizes upper class Monache students introduce incoming freshman to the campus, facilities, activities, and programs.  The event provides students with a student mentor and the opportunity to connect with other freshman prior to the first day of school, in hopes of making the transition to high school a positive one. 


As part of a continued effort for school improvement, campus beautification projects have also increased student pride in the campus, as student volunteers and various school organizations have combined with the school administration to plant trees, make planters, paint, and do campus clean-up, encouraging students to be a part of the larger community through volunteerism.  The Environmental Science Academy, CSF, and ASB have provided many hours of work on campus projects each school year.


Student Participation in co-curricular activities and extracurricular activities


The students of Monache have a large and diverse number of opportunities to choose to become involved in on campus and in the community. From co-curricular activities such as Agriculture and the FFA, business and FBLA, to band, choir, AVID, and the pathway and academy programs, there are many options for students to become involved. There is also a long list of extracurricular activities from athletic programs and CSF, to clubs dedicated to dance, drama, or community service.


At Monache, like many schools in the Central Valley, students participate in many activities concurrently. Many of our student athletes also are proud members of the Marauder Band; the coaches and directors schedule practices so that students can participate in both, which, though challenging, allows students to be involved with and get to know a wider variety of students during their four years as a Marauder.


The educational focus on Career and College has been strengthened at Monache over the past decade and a half. Monache has had the Multi-media and Technology Academy (MTA), which is a California Partnership Academy, for over twelve years. With the advent of the District Pathway Program the MTA became a district Pathway, working with Connect Ed and NAF. The Environmental Science Academy (ESA) was also added as a Pathway two years ago, as was the Manufacturing, Construction & Technology (CPA) Academy.


A heritage of award winning agriculture students is a source of pride for Monache; the program, along with FFA offers students hands on work and leadership experience that carries over to college and career opportunities. The Culinary Arts program is still in development, but is fast becoming a popular career path for Monache students.


The Monache AVID program has been in place for a decade and a half, and while many schools have reduced their participation in the program, Monache has supported the continuance and growth of the program. Monache has two course sections at each grade level, contributing to a larger number of college-bound, A-G qualified students, especially those from our low socio-economic, EL and Hispanic subgroups. AVID has graduated students who are currently attending Harvard, Brown, Berkeley and many of the top schools in the country.


Monache offers a wide array of clubs and organizations, to give students the opportunity to be part of something beyond their immediate peer group; something that draws students together based on students interest or passion to make a difference. New clubs have been formed over the years reflecting cultural trends, such as Green Team, whose mission is to collect recyclables and increase student awareness on environmental issues.


Monache is proud that so many of the clubs and organizations are service oriented, and develop character skills that follow students beyond high school.  Some of the organizations and clubs are incredibly active, integrating career readiness skills, community service and promoting leadership, good character and campus spirit. A few of these outstanding groups are:


FFA (Future Farmers of America): FFA is an agriculture-based organization that incorporates academic coursework and extracurricular and co-curricular programs. They have a history of award winning participation at the Porterville Fair and Tulare County Fair, as well as state competition finalists. FFA promotes agricultural job skills with hands on experience, utilizing the three-acre campus facility. FFA promotes leadership and personal growth, sending organization leaders to the annual national conference. FFA hosts faculty luncheons several times a year, as well as a host of other activities.


FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America): FBLA is a strong organization on campus, garnering leadership and business skills, networking with other FBLA organizations to create networking among the student participants.


CSF (California Scholarship Organization): CSF is an organization of academically high achieving students. As well as tracking academic achievement to earn the “Seal Bearer” honor at graduation, CSF supports numerous community service and campus beautification projects, sponsors college trips, ACT and SAT Prep and scholarship opportunities. They are currently engaged in the Legacy Project 2013, building new planters on campus.


NHS (National Honor Society):  NHS is brand new to Monache High School in 2014-2015. The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. These characteristics have been associated with membership in the organization since its beginning in 1921.  


ASB (Associated Student Body): ASB is a leadership organization that meets during the day for one period to plan and carry school related student activities and administrate school activities and functions. Much of Monache’s school spirit is a result of the efforts of the ASB students. They plan and run lunch activities, spirit events, school assemblies, homecoming activities, dances and oversee all other clubs and organizations on campus.


Skills USA:  Skills USA is a competitive organization in the field of mechanical engineering and industrial technology. This organization is related to the MCTA academy, working to give students career technical skills that can transition into real world jobs in the future. They have an award winning record in annual competitions and assist students in qualifying for certification in such areas such as welding.


PIVET Club:  (Partners for Inclusion of Vocational Education Training Club) is a group of students that work with the severely handicapped students that have classes on campus. They interact with students and assist in planning and putting on the PIVET prom for students in these specialized classes. Students were also moved by natural disasters around the world and created the UNICEF Club that helps raise money for humanitarian concerns around the globe.