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Athletic Eligibility

Successful Athletic Programs

A successful athletic program considers the athlete first...even above winning!  A successful athletic program is one that allows the athletes to compete at their level of competence.  In the program, students will be held accountable for attendance and develop responsibility towards teamwork.  Winning is not the only thing in a successful program. Developing character, leadership skills and social skills as well as developing psychologically and physiologically is also important.

Athletic Code of Eligibility

All rules of Monache High School are in addition to and not in place of any C.I.F. or Porterville Unified School District rules.

  • To be eligible to participate in interscholastic competition a student must maintain a level of conduct, which will reflect favorably on the school and team that the students represents.  A student who is a major source of disciplinary trouble with the high school authorities in or out of school is subject to being suspended from high school athletics.
  • Athletes are required to follow the training rules and regulations established by the athletic department and sign a contract stating they have read our policy and agree to follow said policy.
  • Students must clear all absences, including period absences, to be eligible.  Failure to do so will result in the athlete being ineligible for the next week of activity.
  • Athletes who represent Monache High School are to conduct themselves in a positive and respectful manner at all times (on and off the field).  The are expected to maintain a clean, neat and responsible appearance and dress within the school and district dress code guidelines.
Travel to Activities

Members of an activity must go and return in school provided transportation, the only exception if a parent or guardian signs them out at the end of the activity.  Students will be only released to their own parent or guardian