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Partners for Inclusion of Vocational Education Training
P.I.V.E.T. meets the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month in room K-1. The adviser is Heather Parker. The purpose of the P.I.V.E.T. Club is to promote positive peer interactions between the general student population and the students in the special education class. It is projected that regular education students will act as role models and assist in peer tutoring in all aspects of student training, as well as promoting a positive social relationship within the club, student body and community. The special education students will supply regular education students with the experience of working with students with special needs. The name denotes the desired partnership between regular education students and severely handicapped students in preparing all members for future employment opportunities and a fulfilling life. If you're interested in joining P.I.V.E.T. go to room K-1 and talk to Heather Parker, or one of the other teachers there.