Links        Register online for SAT Reasoning Test and SAT Subject tests; practice tests, college info.                         Register online for ACT test; access links to colleges; other college related articles and information.           Find information on various colleges. Do a search to help identify the “right” college for you.                College Search made simple. Search for colleges, get detailed info on college admissions and apply for                                                        scholarships.            Home page for California state university system. online CSU application and other helpful information.                CSU campus website.                     Home page for University of California. Online UC application, certified A-G course list for you high school;                                                    connections to various UC campus websites and more.                    Independent/Private college search site.                    Complete listing of California Community College and online application link.        Virtual library of over 32,000 college catalogs with links to other college information.                     Shows what college courses (like those take at PC) are transferable to other California colleges for full credit.                Tailored scholarship search of over 245,000 scholarships, loans and grants available to students free. You                                                    can have your own mailbox which notifies you when a new scholarship is added.                     Search engine for scholarships, grants, loans, etc. Calculator to help you determine your college costs and                                                    eligibility for grants and loans.        Source for free information from the U.S. Dept. of Education about funding college and beyond.  Information for prospective college students and parents, explaining financial aid, loans, college and career                                                   information.       Very user friendly site to explore personal interests, skills, career paths etc.         Large data base with many links for prospective college students.                      Students hoping to play college team sports (not needed for intramural sports) must register with NCAA                                                        through this online application. Explains minimum GPA requirements for different divisions/colleges for                                                          aspiring athletes. Registration forms must be printed and turned into MHS Guidance Department to be sent to                                              NCAA with student transcript.